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Review: Pourable THC Syrup From Baked Bros.
Strain Specific Medicine Made With The Patient In Mind
By: Amy Donohue Photo: Photos provided by Baked Bros.

Review: Pourable THC Syrup From Baked Bros. 4

Pourable THC Syrup

Pourable THC Syrup Nutrition Label
Pourable THC Syrup Nutrition Label

Provided by: Baked Bros. | Tested by: Delta Verde Laboratory | Indica/Sativa: Each bottle is strain specific

Baked Bros. is a family-owned company who won the High Times Award for Best Product in 2014 for their Sour Kush Kids. Now, their team has created a pourable THC syrup to help people medicate using a specific strain and an accurate dosage, much like a bottle of over-the-counter cough medicine. Baked Bros. doesn’t use a house blend of leftover cannabis to make their products. They keep their edible strains pure and have a “dedication to medication” that permeates their business model. I slept like a rock for almost 8 hours after trying their syrup for the first time. The bottle is small (2 ounces), and the 30 servings (300 mg total per bottle) is based on a 10 mg dose.

Three effects:

  • Pain reduction
  • Appetite stimulant
  • Sleep aid


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