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Review: Piece of Mind

Review: Piece of Mind 1
Piece of Mind Spokane
Piece of Mind Spokane

Piece of Mind takes every step toward being a frontrunner in the increasingly growing glass art community. Since the opening of their first shop in Spokane Valley, owner Justin Wilson has continued to spread this once-taboo art form by opening locations throughout Washington, Montana, Alaska, and (soon enough) California. Whether you’re looking for a small $6 pipe or a heady $1000 oil rig, they have you covered with a pleasant, friendly, and professional staff that will only sell you locally sourced glass. Behind the huge selection of glass is the tight-knit family of friends that strives to give back to the local community as much as possible. They are organizing events like the “BORO DERBY,” where guests can donate cans of food and clothing for the chance to win glass prizes that were donated by local artists. Piece of Mind believes that the only way to build a strong respectable business is to build up the community around it as well.

The team at Piece of Mind has set a goal to have 20 store locations by 2020 and, with the addition of their new online store, we will be able to sell glass from any shop location to customers around the world.

Three Interesting Facts:

1. Piece of Mind purchases functional glass art from some of the most talented glass blowers around the world, having glass pieces on display that are worth over $30,000.

2. The rewards program provided through FiveStars allows customers to save points that they can then use for discounts or Piece of Mind merchandise.

3. Even with the passing of I-502, customers still must use the term “water pipe,” since the shop complies with Washington tobacco regulations and is still open to those over 18.



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