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Review: Paper & Leaf
High-Class Island Chronic
By: Meghan Ridley Photos: Kenton Bradley

Review: Paper & Leaf 3
Inside Paper and Leaf
Inside Paper and Leaf
The Place

Premier pot? Boutique bud? All the alliterative chronic references you can come up with still don’t quite summarize the unique vibe found at Paper & Leaf. The cleanliness of the name on the side of the building says it all—at Paper & Leaf, Mary Jane has received a new-age makeover. Find yourself anywhere near this destination pot shop and you won’t be disappointed—it is distinctly stylish and filled with the finest products.
Once inside, visitors will find this unique establishment’s elegant and rustic interior, with shadowbox-like recycled wood cases adorning the walls. Here, the plant is on display as much as it is for sale. Changing the misinformed reputation of cannabis is an undoubted thread in Paper & Leaf’s fabric, as they are ensuring cannabis receives the class and style it deserves with every element of their layout and design.

Bud Display
Bud Display
The Plants

There is an immense selection of fine cannabis flower at this store. Top-shelf standouts include Agent Orange by Sonic Green and 9 Nights by Rogue Raven Farms—both hovering in the range of $20 a gram. Snag an eighth of the buzz-inducing and uplifting hybrid known as Blueberry from Noble Farms for the mere price of $45. Interestingly enough, the edible selection here purposefully lacks those items often criticized by cannabis naysayers, specifically the cookies and brownies that can appear like the average treat to unassuming children. All the more reason to take a gander at their capsule collection, which is nothing short of immaculate, as is their selection of products by Craft Elixirs. And for a mind-bender of a concentrate, customers can always go with the Stupid Rosin by Solstice—enough said.

Paper and Leaf
Paper and Leaf

Monday–Saturday: 10am–10pm // Sunday: 10am–9pm


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