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Review: Orphan OG
Dense Buds And Trichomes Abound
By: Leah Maurer Photos: Jason Horvath

Review: Orphan OG 2

Orphan OG

THC: 24.6% | CBD: 0.05%

Tested by: 3B Analytical  Indica/Sativa: Indica-dominant Hybrid

Produced by: Sons of Agronomy

Orphan OG is a strain unique to Sons of Agronomy (SOG) in Salem, Oregon, and is a feast for the eyes at first glance. The buds are dense, full and offer an amazing, full-body aroma of heavy floral notes and hints of diesel.

According to SOG, this strain was born from an OG Kush plant crossed with another (undisclosed) strain. The grower of the undisclosed plant gave SOG’s master grower a cut from that OG Kush cross plant. Thus was born the “Orphan” OG. For over three years, Orphan OG has remained in constant rotation at SOG.

Paul Houchin, co-owner and master grower for SOG, shared, “Orphan OG immediately became one of the most vigorous and resistant strains in our garden. It puts on dense buds very fast and then just gets bigger. The trichomes are huge and compete for space on the flower, and after harvest they are on everything and everywhere. It worked well for our patients and they really enjoyed it.” After consistent requests from patients, SOG decided to put it in shops. The rest is history.

This strain had a very quick onset, providing deep relaxation, a calm yet uplifted mood and stimulated appetite. The taste was in line with the aroma, with hints of floral notes and an undertone of slightly bitter diesel notes. This strain is sure to be a treat for the seasoned consumer as well as a newbie looking to test the waters with craft cannabis.



Deeply relaxing for the body, while uplifting for the mind





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