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Review: Nevada Wellness Center

By: John Caccitolo

Review: Nevada Wellness Center 1

The Place

When visiting the Nevada Wellness Center in Las Vegas, you won’t have a problem finding the giant beige and white building on Valley View Boulevard that somewhat resembles a castle and is guarded by a dozen or so palm trees in the parking lot. As the first official dispensary in the city of Las Vegas, it opened in October 2015 with a mission to serve patients and the community as a whole. Inside, you’ll find a huge open room complete with computer workstations, helpful literature and forms, and a staff ready to walk you through the entire medical process.

The People

While you wait, you can admire their giant trippy art collage or a map of the U.S. that’s dotted with green push pins showing all the places visiting patients have come from—just some subtle touches that remind you this is not a place simply in business for the sole purpose of profit. Nevada Wellness Center is also the only minority-owned dispensary in the state, and all three owners were born and raised in Nevada. Patients are sure to feel that caring vibe resonating as they receive a one-on-one consultation with a staff member to ensure a positive experience.

“We’re not like the corporate companies that have come to Nevada and opened dispensaries—we care. Because we’re so tight-knit, we’re focused on making a connection with local people.” —Dre, general manager

The Product

Nevada Wellness Center demonstrates a focus on CBD products. Some unique items include ViPova hemp oil teas, CBD Zone capsules, Endoca cannabis crystals, and fruit and chocolate spreads. Other CBD products range from pain relief sprays, lotions, and even shampoo and conditioner. In a smaller, brightly lit room are display cases that house their 20 strains, like 9 Pound Hammer, VonDank’s Godzilla, and Pure Sunshine. There is also a small selection of concentrates in CO2 oil syringes, dabbing oils, and pre-loaded Blackout X vape pens. They even carry hand-blown glass from Mexico, as well as other smoking and vaping accessories.

Nevada Wellness Center
Nevada Wellness Center

Hours: Mon-Sun: 10am-8pm



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