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Review: Monarch Dispensary In Scottsdale Is Top-Notch

Review: Monarch Dispensary In Scottsdale Is Top-Notch 2

The People:

Monarch’s focus is on the patient. Head of patient services, Jane Fix, takes the time to educate all visitors about cannabis as medicine while providing products designed to ease pain and improve the quality of life. Monarch’s staff is always bright and cheery, with a detailed knowledge of everything the dispensary offers. Monarch is actively involved in many community efforts in the Valley. They raise money and collect items for homeless families during the holiday season and also regularly work with Singleton Moms, a program that supports single parents with cancer.

The Place:

When you walk into Monarch, you can feel a sense of community as soon as you enter. There are flavored waters in glass jugs scattered throughout the lobby and comfortable, covered couches in the seating area. You can often see patients open up and talk to each other about their conditions and what strains they are at Monarch to buy. The decor is tasteful with lime green, light greys, and black to help facilitate a relaxing atmosphere. Glass blocks let natural light in while maintaining privacy, which further adds to the warmth of the atmosphere inside.

The Product:

Monarch has its own flower line, Huxton, which is packaged with intention. There is a description of the strain on the front, as well as the potency level of what’s inside. Potency is ranked on a scale of 1-10 and visitors can choose from three different lines: Rise (includes Maui Waui, Raspberry Cough and a couple others), Hi-Fi (Durban Poison, Green Crack, and King Tut), and Zen (Blue Dream, Wonder Woman, and Hindu Lady). The strains, of course, vary throughout the year. They also have blends of each category that are offered in a cute, white 4 gram tin.

Patients have a comfortable place to relax before they are greeted by one of Monarch’s knowledgeable and friendly budtenders.

Mon-Sat 9am-7pm
Sun 9am-5pm



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