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Review: MJ’s Pot Shop

Review: MJ's Pot Shop 4
MJ'S Pot Shop- Wide shot store
MJ’S Pot Shop- Wide shot store

The Place:

Mary Jane Smith of Pullman, WA has been a longtime local business owner. She never intended on joining the cannabis movement, but it seems given her name she was destined to be swept up in its splendid wave. Friends of Mary Jane joked that she should apply for a retail license because of her name. What started as a joke amongst friends quickly became a real possibility, she applied for the lottery and left the rest up to fate. MJ’s Pot Shop opened on a chilly Saturday in October of 2014 and made great strides since then. With business booming, MJ’s Pot Shop is now a cornerstone of the celebrated college town’s cannabis culture.

“Our goal is to earn the motto, ‘We’re your buds!’,” -Mary Jane.

MJ'S Pot Shop- Group shot
MJ’S Pot Shop- Group shot

The People:

MJ’s is known for its upbeat and warm atmosphere. If you are looking for a shop in the Pullman area that delivers on customer service, MJ’s is a reliable bet. Whether just browsing or looking for a specific product, any one of the budtenders will make you feel at ease. “We’re good listeners. We take the time to help customers find the product that is right for them—even when that means spending extra time with each new person who walks through our doors,” said Mary Jane.

MJ'S Pot Shop- Bud tender favorite
MJ’S Pot Shop- Bud tender favorite

The Products:

Finding products can be both daunting and a lot of fun. Luckily MJ’s Pot Shop has made the shopping experience easy with a large menu listing individual descriptions of every strain they have available. It’s often hard to find clear and concise information when exploring new products, but at MJ’s you will definitely appreciate how upfront and transparent they are.

“We serve people of all ages, from 21st birthday celebrators to great-great-grandmothers,” shared MJ. One older client, who had just turned 82 and started smoking when she was 80 said, “Why did I wait so long!?”

“Many of our clients are rich in life experience and we love getting to know each of them,” smiled Mary Jane. “MJ’s is a friendly place and our customers often tell us that coming in to purchase their bud is a pleasure that they look forward to. The feeling is mutual,” she added.

Hours: Mon-Sat: 10am-8pm, Sun: 12PM-5PM



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