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Review: The Human Collective

Review: The Human Collective 4

Type of Store: Medical/Recreational

Human Collective packaging
Human Collective packaging


Don Morse vividly remembers they day that local authorities raided his store, The Human Collective (THC) in 2012. “They took everything but the desk and furniture. They took our computers and keyboards, all of our records and files: pretty much everything. Most importantly all of our product and $38,000 in cash which was meant to pay back our growers. Civil forfeiture is a form of highway robbery, similar to what you had in England back in the day. The king’s highwaymen would stop you and pick your pockets and then let you go on your way.” He said.

When Tigard authorities of Oregon’s Washington County confiscated everything belonging to THC, managing director Don Morse oversaw a move across county lines and brought the collective to its current home of Portland.


Since making the move, they have grown along with the rest of the industry, free to pursue their goal of bringing quality cannabis to patients in need. The dispensary can now provide for people like Morse’s wife, who was diagnosed with fibromyalgia in 2009, without the fear of police interfering.

Human Collective glass piece
Human Collective glass piece

THC isn’t easy to find, and its storefront doesn’t attract attention. Yet within is a modern retail operation with a spacious sales floor, a myriad of packaged products, and an affordable selection of glass and a fountain plugged into the back wall. Approximately 83 strains are on-hand, and each one is on display in a crowded, brightly-lit case. Operations in the back room are meticulous, and keeping contaminants out of the product is paramount.


The budtenders exemplify THC’s business ethic, and were patient and courteous, responding to customers quickly and answering their questions thoroughly. They clearly took pride in what they were doing, and laughter came easy to staff and patients alike. The staff had just finished celebrating William Shatner’s 85th birthday, and there’s no doubt THC makes shopping for cannabis as enjoyable an experience as possible.

THC is scrappy and uncompromising, and a great way for cannabis lovers to connect to the historic evolution of Oregon’s marijuana trade. Although a little homely on the outside, The Human Collective is a treasure trove waiting to be explored.

Human Collective front counter
Human Collective front counter

Hours: Mon–Sat: 11am–7pm | Sun: Closed


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