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Review: High Country Healing

Review: High Country Healing 3

High Country Healing

The People

The folks over at High Country Healing put customer service above all else. They recognize that everybody is different, so finding the perfect individual strain is essential to the entire experience. High Country budtenders are required to have extensive knowledge and provide detailed descriptions of each strain’s potency, terpene profiles and genetics for their patients. I could tell how proud they were of their products as they walked me through and let me smell each one. Since the beginning, High Country Healing has always had a passion for snowboarding and skiing culture. They’ve even partnered up with Nightmare Snowboards and helped sponsor a number of riders.


The Place

High Country Healing has four locations throughout Colorado, and I had the chance to check out their Eagle­Vail and Silverthorne locations. One of the best parts about these locations is the accessibility for tourists, especially those coming around for winter sports. Both locations are right off the highway, making it a quick and convenient stop for anybody making their way through the mountains. Plus, they have fantastic options for both medical and recreational patients, so no matter your stoner status, High Country Healing will have exactly what your heart desires. As an added bonus, the Eagle-Vail location offers patrons a huge window from the waiting room that showcases about a dozen or so live cannabis plants. A visual treat for anybody who hasn’t been up close and personal with a cannabis plant before!

The Product

All of High Country Healing’s nugs are hand watered and trimmed. They have a variety of roughly 50 different strains and a price range that will satisfy your budget. One of my favorite products at High Country is their mini pre-rolled joints, which is such a great idea seeing as though not everyone needs to smoke an entire gram at a time. You can purchase them individually or in convenient packs of six. Each Mini J has a quarter gram of flower, and they’re actually color coded at the bottom by strain. There’s also a chart on the back of the case listing the physical and cerebral effects of each color. Cool, huh? If you’re trying to be extra baller, grab a case of the Mini J’s that are wrapped in 24-karat gold.

Convenient locations and unbeatable service. Whether you’re trying to experiment with your first gram of herb or trying to ball out with a case of Mini 24kt Gold Joints, High Country Healing has the quality you’re looking for.





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