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Review: Herban Legends

Review: Herban Legends 2

Herban Legends

More Than Your Average Recreational Cannabis Shop

The atmosphere in Herban Legends makes you feel at home right when you walk through the door. Greeted by the staff upon entry, the relaxed vibe can be felt immediately. The cozily-lit shop contains modestly finished wood that lines the walls and frames the fully stocked display cases. A fair amount of antique décor also adds some novelty and character to the room, but the real eye candy is the massive mural contributed by Seattle-based artist, Ten Hundred. Hanging on the north wall, this vibrant piece completes the picture that owner Chris wants to paint: Herban Legends is more than your average rec store, it’s a cultural experience that is rooted in Seattle’s own culture and art.


The History Behind the Herban Legend

Chris wasn’t always in the recreational cannabis scene. He worked as a carpenter until 2009, when he decided to shift his career focus. He had always been aware of the medical benefits of bud through a friend of his who had been diagnosed with cancer. Watching his friend find relief from pain and witnessing appetite restoration sparked a flame in Chris that drove him to pursue his place in the world of medical marijuana.

However, it wasn’t until 2011 that he was able to start his first medical marijuana dispensary in White Center. From his medical days until now, providing treatment to those in need has always been Chris’ highest priority. After his initial application to the recreational license lottery, and navigating the twists and turns that came with manifesting their business plan, Herban Legends is finally here—and according to Chris, “Business has been incredible.”


Knowledgeable, Engaging BudtendersNot an Urban Legend

Whether you are a seasoned smoker or cannabis tourist, you will be satisfied with the staff at Herban Legends. Chris emphasizes that his vision has always been focused on art, music and marijuana, which is reflected in his choice of staff. Most of them are artists in their own right—painters, rappers and poets can be found behind the counter. All of the budtenders at Herban Legends understand the vision behind the company: art, music, marijuana and helping people. One staff member was adamant that the store is much different on weekdays than on weekends, “You should come through on a Friday. This place is packed out the door.” Chris confirmed this notion—Herban Legends is a becoming an urban legend in its own right, to cannabis tourists and Seattleites alike.

“The vision for Herban Legends has always been art, music and marijuana.” -Chris Cody, Herban Legends Owner




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