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Review: Have A Heart

Review: Have A Heart 2

Just blocks away from Pike Place Market, Belltown has become home to Have a Heart, a Northwest-based recreational store with roots as a medical dispensary. Their new downtown location will definitely draw in recreational cannabis users, both tourist and locals alike, but long-time patrons and patients can expect Have a Heart’s focus on the medical benefits of cannabis to remain the same. The name of the store itself is indicative of Have a Heart’s primary focus: “Compassion and care. That’s the idea, and always has been,” affirmed Blanchard store manager, Will Lin.

In fact, Have a Heart has dedicated itself to service and caring for the community. The company is well-known for hosting celebrity meet and greets at local events, but they also have a foundation and history of giving back to the community. Many of their philanthropic activities are not publicized, but in 2013 Have a Heart was mentioned in a Seattle Times article for being a part of the movement to donate CBD-concentrated products to a former Marine’s son, who was experiencing severe epileptic seizures. In response to cases like these, Have a Heart and several other dispensaries spread the love by providing low-cost treatments to their patients.[1] While Will and other representatives of the company are passionate about these kinds of movements, strict regulations on recreational cannabis prevent them from just giving product away to those in need. Despite these barriers, new and old customers alike will still be able to feel the love at the Belltown location in a couple of different ways, one being the design of the store itself.


The shop hosts a massive LED-lit 3D display of Seattle’s skyline, featuring a lit joint emitting fake smoke towards the ceiling. The cherry on top of the burning bud lights up with the LED display as well, no pun intended. According to Will, patrons may feel like they are visiting an adult-version of Disneyland when they lay eyes on this unique interpretation of the Emerald City—and they wouldn’t be entirely wrong. This unique piece was designed by Dillon Works, a company based in Mukilteo and founded by Mike Dillon, one of the original Disney Imagineers. It’s elaborate design and vibrant colors are a huge contributor to the store’s chill and relaxed environment. As they open their fifth location in Washington, Have a Heart continues its legacy of care, compassion and medical roots.

As with all of their stores, customers can expect a wide array of high-quality products frequently restocked by new vendors, but the real experience is more than their product variety. Being a medical-based company, the store provides a budtending staff of seasoned medical marijuana veterans. These experts can provide more than just general product recommendations, and don’t let their veteran status fool you. In transitioning from the medical marijuana industry to the recreational scene, the LED display makes it visually apparent that this store is not a doctor’s office. Don’t feel like you need to make an appointment, just walk in and let the staff at Have a Heart show you some love.

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