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Review: Grapefruit OG

By: RadioHash

Review: Grapefruit OG 2

Grapefruit OG

THC: 14.64% | CBD: 0.03%

Tested by: SC Labs | Indica/Sativa: Hybrid

Provided by Dirt Ninja Farm

The unity of BC Kush and Grapefruit delivers a strain known as Grapefruit OG. Medium density, the bud’s color blends from dark to light green with butterscotch pistils frosted by resin-rich trichomes abound. The first smell will hit you with a strong grapefruit and earthy citrus aroma. It delivers such a rich grapefruit flavor, that I found myself purposely exhaling it slowly. It should really come as no surprise though, with Dirt Ninja Farm’s Grapefruit OG winning highest total terpenes and terpinolene at Terpestival.

Depending on what time of the day it’s taken, this OG can be either couch-locking, or very creative and uplifting. Grapefruit also relieved stress and improved my mood as it soothed my body’s aches and pains.


Perfect strain for any time of day; uplifting during the day or couch-locking at night

Rich flavors reflecting the namesake

Strong, balanced mix of mental and body relaxation



Emerald Pharms
The Living Earth Wellness Center


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