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Review: Golden Berry Shatter

Review: Golden Berry Shatter 2

Golden Berry Shatter

Tested by: Gobi Labs

After touring the Honest Marijuana grow facility and laying our eyes on their exquisite buds last month, we definitely had elevated expectations for their concentrates as well. Their Golden Berry Shatter sure as hell did not disappoint. It’s clear, golden hue is aesthetically pleasing, and with genetics stemming from Kushberry and Jew Gold Cut, the result is a sweet and citrusy aroma with a pungent blueberry flavor. Nicely balanced, this shatter offers a sativa-dominant hybrid high—my mood was uplifted and I drifted into a deeply relaxed physical state. The Golden Berry strain is a favorite of hash producers as it is ultra-resinous and yields very full-flavored concentrates in most cases. Consumers love it for its very noticeable “kush” taste.


-An energetic cerebral effect, a great option for the productive stoner.

-Muscle relaxant, the perfect concentrate to dabble with after a strenuous workout or hike.

-All around positive increase in behavior, great for sharing socially or with a friend.



Honest Marijuana (By Appointment Only)


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