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Review: Flourish Kitchen Fruit Leather

Review: Flourish Kitchen Fruit Leather 2

Review: Flourish Kitchen Fruit Leather: Farm-To-Stable…Dosing

Tested by: C4 labs  | Test results: THC: 22.56% | CBD: < 1%

Provided by: Payton Curry

“Put it in a cup, pour hot water over it and add to your tea,” this is how a lot of patients medicate with Flourish Kitchen’s Fruit Leather. It comes in a square and includes four, 5mg strips. If you like to micro-dose edibles like me, the strips are a perfect guide. Each strip is made from just four ingredients that are locally sourced when possible. The flavors to choose from are prickly pear, honey, cannabis and citrus. For health-conscious people, this product is ideal—it doesn’t include any refined ingredients.


Calming-especially for the body

Relaxing, but no couchlock!

Eating the fruit leather from Flourish Kitchens was a nostalgic experience. It reminded me of a healthy Fruit Roll-Up for grown-ups.



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