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Review: Dank Colorado

Review: Dank Colorado 1
Dank Staff
Dank Staff

In the northeast region of Denver is a dispensary that has endured quite a history to get where it is today. Dank Colorado has relied heavily on the relationships it has built with companies such as Kush Bottles and Denver Consulting Group in order to bring quality cannabis to both the medical and recreational community. The dispensary, which currently does approximately half of its business with out-of-state tourists, maintains a loyal customer base in the state of Colorado.

Dank began as a small grow operation for the medical community in 2009. In order to cultivate a lifestyle that allowed for both family and business, the founders had to devise an operation that initially consisted of tents for a growing operation. Soon it flourished, enabling the co-founders to move the operation to its current location. Dank even shares its building with Twisted Sister Yoga, which helps offer affordable yoga classes through Dank’s contributions. This doesn’t come without a benefit, as it allows Dank to spread the word about the good cannabis can do in a community that would otherwise know very little about the industry. Through this, Dank has experienced substantial growth.

Dank Storefront
Dank Storefront

Through community outreach, Dank has been able to educate a demographic that may have differing opinions about legalization. They even help promote the arts by sponsoring a night of music at Park House, a local tavern.

In adhering to state regulations, Dank has achieved some of the highest scores given by the Marijuana Enforcement Division. According to Jay Griffin, one of Dank’s five owners, the dispensary has strengthened its standard operating procedures in order to earn even higher scores. Meanwhile, it continues to work hard for the community in an attempt to provide the best product available. The dispensary has certainly done its job and earned its name.

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