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Review: Cinder

By: Jess Jamison

Review: Cinder 2


The layout of this store is best described as chic, open, modern, and artfully simplistic, as all the cannabis products are displayed with intention. If you appreciate design and clean lines as much as I do, then Cinder will be your go-to store. Prepare to find high-quality products in a place that clearly pays the utmost attention to detail.

Cinder Inside Store View
Cinder Inside Store View


Cinder is a business that honors customer service to the highest degree. If you have an issue, my bet is that Justin Peterson or Rayce Barnes, owners of Cinder, will ensure they find a proper resolution. “Our team, hands down [is the best]. We have incredible employees who are knowledgeable and inviting…whether you are 21 and a new smoker or 80 years old and smoke daily, we want to make sure we give the best experience possible,” said Peterson.

Cinder Team Member


Peterson and Barnes came into the cannabis industry from very different fields, yet both had a vision to incorporate their passion for high-end retail into a chic, welcoming experience. “We want to change the way the industry is viewed. From an outsider’s perspective (someone who does not partake), cannabis still has negative connotations.”

“We hope that by providing a store with forward-thinking layouts and attitudes, we can help change the negative cannabis stigma,” -Peterson.

Mon-Thu 9am-10pm
Fri- Sat 9am-11pm
Sun 9am-9pm



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