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Review: Chalice’s Farms Trio

By: Nick Hayashi

Review: Chalice's Farms Trio 1

Chalice’s Farms Trio

Chalice Farm’s Executive Chef, Danielle Henyon, brings you three different versions of confections. Truffles, chocolate bars and fruit gummies. With each version having four unique flavors, there is something for everyone’s sweet tooth. All of Chalice Farm’s confections are handmade and their gummies are crafted from a natural fruit puree with zero fructose corn syrup. I had the opportunity to try a couple of these deliciously sweet treats and it was nothing but delightful. First I tried the blood orange fruit gummie. The flavor was on point; it wasn’t too sweet and perfectly tart. More like a fruit chew than a gummie bear.

Chalice Farms’ truffles are hand-dipped in organic chocolate. The salted caramel truffle was my first pick; with a super soft caramel center and a dash of salt, it was the highlight of my day. With the truffles being low dose at 7.5mg of THC per piece, I was able to enjoy both pieces that came in the package without having felt like I’d overdone it.

Words from Executive Chef Danielle Henyon

“My edibles are thoughtfully designed to be a good starting point, at 5 to 7mg per piece. You can enjoy an entire truffle without ruining your day.” While she is a big fan of the outdoors she wanted to make the gummies a treat she could stash in her pack. “They’re full of natural fruit puree and gelatin, so my joints are happy too. By using high-quality ingredients and artisan methods, I just wanted people to enjoy the most delicious edibles possible.”



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