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Review: Calyxes

Review: Calyxes 1
Calyxes Bud Wall
Calyxes Bud Wall

When Nick Isaac and John Bayes formed Calyxes, the mission was clear: bring the cleanest medicine to those in need. With a focus on organics, all products offered at Calyxes are Clean Green certified. But being the only fully Clean Green certified dispensary isn’t the only way they are taking care of patients.

Isaac and Bayes recognized a demand in the community for safe, affordable, effective, high-dosage cannabis-based products. They vowed to produce and give away high-CBD cannabis to patients in need. Cannabidiol (CBD) has been a popular cannabinoid for use in pediatrics, and in treatment of epilepsy and cancer. At Calyxes, stories from patients and from the media that tout the benefits of high-CBD treatments strike a familiar chord.

These narratives drive Bayes to give back. In story after story, children with autism and epilepsy found relief with CBD, and it resonated with him. “The kid’s writhing in pain … and ACDC makes it so he can live and he can smile, makes him function,” he said. “That’s why I do it.” The ACDC strain, known for its low THC and high CBD content, was a natural fit.

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Over 2 million milligrams of cannabidiol-based medicine has been extracted from the ACDC strain by Green Bodhi, Bayes’ garden and the supplier to Calyxes. Using a Clean Green-certified carbon dioxide extraction, the raw product can be modified for a variety of uses, including tinctures and vapor pen cartridges.

Giving away medicine is second nature to Bayes. “It’s what I’ve always done,” he said. “I’ve always given back a portion of my profits to those in need by giving away medicine, or giving to organizations or people in need.” It could be a by-product of Bayes’ Buddhist background. “The whole system is based off bodhicitta. Everything I’m trying to teach or transcend into others is based on a Buddhist philosophy. It all comes back to intentional horticulture.”

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Intentional horticulture is the overarching theme behind everything Calyxes does. “In my perspective, when you are working organics and probiotic mediums, it’s all intentional then, anyway,” Bayes said. “You’re intending a better thing for yourself, you’re intending a better thing for the plant to bring the potential from the plant.” The intention is apparent in what Calyxes has to offer.

The storefront is beautiful, with attention to detail at every turn. Boutique buds are displayed like jewelry. High-quality scientific glass and heady pieces line the shelves, showcasing the craftsmanship of each item. But the focus isn’t just aesthetics: all flower, extracts, concentrates, and edibles are organic and Clean Green certified. Growers will enjoy the selection of clones, all certified and grown without pesticides.

For Calyxes, giving away millions of milligrams of medicine and creating the best customer experience possible is a way to give back to the community.

Tuesday–Saturday: 11am–7pm



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