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Review: BOND: Nature’s Secret to Mind-Blowing Sex

By: Jess Jamison

Review: BOND: Nature's Secret to Mind-Blowing Sex

Feeling frisky?

If you want to get a little naughty tonight, dust off your handcuffs, find yourself a blindfold, and pick up a sexy matte black bottle of Bond. I felt so “50 Shades of Grey” while handling this product. It made me want to go from vanilla to S&M within minutes.

Bond is a product from Botanica Seattle, a cannabis producer in downtown Seattle that is exceptionally established in producing high-quality edibles. Considering this personal massage oil is made from the purest organic liquid coconut oil and ultra-refined cannabis, you might be tempted to taste it, and you can. There is nothing toxic in this product—but with one caveat: There is 150mg of THC per bottle, so be the intelligent human being you are and don’t drink the whole bottle. If you have a generous partner (wink wink), they may get a head high after some good old-fashioned foreplay.

Bond was specifically designed to work in beautiful synchronicity with the female anatomy. Once I applied it, I felt tingling and a relaxed sensation throughout my lower body. The oil absorbs quickly, so apply liberally and enjoy the ride.

7 mg for $10  |  150 mg for $60


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