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Review: Arizona Cannabis Society

Review: Arizona Cannabis Society 1

The People

Arizona Cannabis Society is one of the only chef-owned dispensaries in Arizona. I was greeted and given a tour by four of the owners, two of which are sons of the chef. It truly is family-operated. Everyone was well informed about the products, which is no easy task since they grow up to 20 strains at a time. It was apparent that they all enjoyed working there—some have been there since it opened in 2014. The enthusiasm everyone had for their store and products was contagious; I left there feeling connected to every person I met.

The Place

The waiting area is two rooms: one for checking in and one for waiting off to the side. The décor is slick: black and white furniture provides a monochromatic aesthetic, and a big-screen TV keeps guests entertained as they wait. The store is jam-packed with products, with more flower strains than any other I’ve been to. Behind the glass display cases and wall of strains is a window into the grow room. Most dispensaries don’t offer such a unique view, and I appreciated their idea of letting patients see part of their growing process.

The Product

Owner and chef Tony Hehman is the creator of his own edibles line, Highern Chef Edibles. The name came from his appearance on “Iron Chef” a few years ago, when his team beat Bobby Flay’s. The chocolate bars are his pride and joy, but they are also known for their Trich Bites, which are like a combination of a Tootsie Roll and Gumdrop. With a wide range of flavors for the chocolate bars and Trich Bites, patients have a stellar selection of edibles. The dispensary is also beginning to manufacture concentrates, which will soon make them a full-service dispensary that is very patient-focused.


Hours: Mon-Sun: 10am-8pm



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