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Review: Ajoya

Review: Ajoya 1
Glass Selection

The People

Ajoya is a dispensary run by a dedicated team that shares a profound respect for cannabis as both a medication and a cultural symbol. Director of dispensary operations Nicole Kennebeck believes that respect for cannabis culture—including music, art, film, and ideology—is critical to “an industry that was created out of a culture.” The budtenders certainly reflect Ajoya’s values of passion and sensitivity, with seamless patience and encyclopedic knowledge of strains and their respective effects. To maintain this knowledge in a constantly shifting industry, budtenders use customer feedback forms and seek out research on the latest and greatest strains.

Budtender Station
Budtender Station

The Place

Ajoya is a medical and recreational dispensary with the presentation of a stylish and inviting cannabis club. The mellow interior has an attractive combination of multicolored lights that color the walls while the speakers play smooth music overhead. Glass display shelves advertise a glowing variety of swag, bowls, and cannabis, but it wasn’t always this way. Ajoya used to be known as Compassionate Pain Management back in 2009 when it only sold to medical patients. After the switch to recreational cannabis, the name changed to Ajoya, an Esperanto word that translates to “joy.” This joy is certainly reflected throughout the dispensary.

Nug Jars
Nug Jars

The Product

Ajoya’s products come in four categories: Settle, to quiet and calm; Unwind, to reduce tension and relax; Focus, to aid concentration; and Elevate, to raise your spirits. Ajoya is very unique in creating this taxonomy, and all of the cannabis products in the store are branded, and labeled by color, according to their effect. Strains, edibles, and concentrates are classified into one of the four categories after careful review of genetic makeup from reputable sources, budtender testimonials, and consumer feedback. Ajoya’s unique color-coding system turns the dispensary into a kaleidoscopic display of maroon, blue, green, and orange.

7 Days a Week: 10am–7:45pm

Mon-Fri: 11am–6:45pm | Sat-Sun: 10am-6pm



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