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Review: 365 Recreational Cannabis

Review: 365 Recreational Cannabis 1
365 Recreational Cannabis Counter
365 Recreational Cannabis Counter

The Store

The name 365 Recreational Cannabis says it all—this shop is a great option for your everyday cannabis needs, all year round. Located in the Shoreline neighborhood of Seattle, should you find yourself up in this northern pocket of the city, definitely consider a stop by this quaint pot shop packed with quality chronic. 365 is not just a name, as you will find this shop open every single day of the year—making and easy task of scoring some cannabis on the holidays. Should you make it between the hours of 1:00 and 4:00, you’ll be the lucky recipient of happy hour specials, where buy one/get one 25% off deals make your bud budget stretch a little farther.

365 Recreational Cannabis Product
365 Recreational Cannabis Product

The Products

Clearly labeled showcases make perusing the varied indicas, sativas and hybrids user-friendly, ensuring a cannabis newcomer wouldn’t feel overwhelmed. For the more seasoned consumers, there are heavy-hitting options like a half ounce pre-roll from Sweet As! Cannabis (yes, that’s 14 full grams of chronic). The flower selection is a high point, and here you can find top shelf grams such as Cherry Sherbert from THC Private Reserve going for $18 a gram, or a quarter of Tangerine Dream from Monkey Grass Farms going for $65 a quarter ounce—bringing you to the long lost price point of less than $10 a gram. If cannabis concentrates are more your game, wax options from Omega Concentrates and shatter from Elevate are both standout options.

365 Recreational Cannabis

Hours: Mon-Sun: 9am-9pm



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