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A SWEET LITTLE LIFT: Raspberry Rose Lychee Mellows

By: Shasta Nelson

THC: 5mg per piece | 12 pieces per box | CW Analytical

Raspberry Rose Lychee Mellows are light, airy, perfectly-textured gourmet marshmallows. A stark contrast to the typical high-dose edibles on the market, these have only 5mg of THC per piece, and are made specifically for consumers who want to get a nice light high, not a ride to the moon. When I bit into the mellow it had just the right amount of resistance, similar to mochi ball ice cream. The fresh raspberries and pureed lychee are a lovely combination, and the light rose syrup adds an extra dose of luxury. It tasted exotic, yet familiar.

The lower dose of this edible had me feeling social and relaxed, which would make them perfect for sharing, or for the more novice consumer. With their light pink color and uplifting qualities, these would also make a great gift this Mother’s Day for anyone who needs a little time to mellow out.

  • Happy and uplifting
  • Social and upbeat
  • Gorgeous, stashable packaging
Raspberry Rose Lychee Mellows are unique, artisan and beautiful. Delicious and relaxing, these low-dose darlings are perfect for anyone looking for a sweet little lift.

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