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Quail Extracts’ Alien Grenades
Quality That Blows Your Mind
By: Thomas Finell Photo: Thomas Finell

Quail Extracts’ Alien Grenades: Quality That Blows Your Mind 1

Test results: THC: 73%

Tested by: SC Labs

Rose Collective was kind enough to give us this otherworldly sample of their “Alien Grenades” nug run by Quail Extracts. Upon opening the package, I was assaulted by a pungent aroma of citrus and sweet candy undertones. You can tell they are not lying about that 96-hour purge as evidenced by the products stability at room temperatures. It’s a nice clear golden color we come to expect from a high quality concentrate. This one does not disappoint! It forms easily onto you dab tool and the flavor of sweet citrus explodes and lingers on your pallet. Expect a nice, uplifting buzz if used in moderation. With a larger dose, you will be pleasantly blown away for the time being.


Good for anxiety, depression and restlessness

Potent flavor

Clean, clear, quality

Quail Extracts’ Alien Grenades

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