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PRESS RELEASE: Tiny Town Trinidad Touts Top Tokers

By: DOPE Staff

PRESS RELEASE: Tiny Town Trinidad Touts Top Tokers

Tiny Town Trinidad Touts Top Tokers

Trinidad, Colorado western town of 8500 citizens has the dubious, pardon the pun, honor of having more cannabis related businesses per capita than any other place on Earth.

Trinidad in Southeast Colorado known for its wild west style, legalized recreational marijuana in 2015.

2016 was the first year of tax revenue that gave the city almost a million dollars from five dispensaries.

By 2016 once tallies are in the city expects to top their conservative estimate of 2.1 million in tax revenue.

Trinidad’s advantage is a progressive city council a welcoming Economic Development Department and a city happy to accept cannabis and cannabis ancillary businesses throughout the city.

“As a service business to the cannabis industry, we felt Trinidad would give our New Concept the best opportunity for success given its geographic location and its hospitable business climate,” says Trinidad entrepreneur Kate Mullen.

“For us the choice was easy. It’s beautiful in Trinidad; historic, spiritual and near the corner of four states”, says local shop owner Laurie Lyon.

Ms. Lyon and Ms. Mullen’s company has the only cannabis friendly smoke lounge in SE Colorado.

Once again the city of Trinidad is experiencing a resurgence. New restaurants horticulture companies and supply houses.

Bringing with it art galleries, musical events and just an interesting mix of people.

According to the citizenry Trinidad is the coolest place on Earth. And Trinidad loves company.


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