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Pistil Point Zkittles: Fruits from the Farm

Pistil Point Zkittles: Fruits from the Farm 1


Test Results: 25.8%THC

Tested by: MRX Labs

Indica/Sativa: Indica-Dominant Hybrid

At first look, Zittles from Pistol Point reveals its density and showcases an array of greens, splashes of dark purples and vibrant tangerine-hued hairs. This is an impressive flower. Opening the jar, you get a wonderful, sweet berry aroma with citrus undertones that delight the olfactory receptors.

This indica-dominant strain offered a great smoke. The effects were perfect for me to sit back and enjoy one of my favorite movies. With high terpenoid content of Linalol, Beta-Caryophyliene and Humulene, this strain gives you a nice bouquet of sweet flavor with a hint of tangy candy. Having high levels of terpenes, this strain works great for pain relief and reducing inflammation, stress and anxiety.


Strong, sweet flavors that are tasted throughout the smoke

Good transition to relaxation, solid movie-night option

Great for pain relief, without knocking you out

Zkittles from Pistil Point


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