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PINEAPPLE EXPRESS: A Box Office ‘Hit’ For Sure!

PINEAPPLE EXPRESS: A Box Office ‘Hit’ For Sure! 1

Pineapple Express – This sativa dominant hybrid must be the pine-apple of its potent parents’ eyes, Trainwreck & Hawaiian, because it gets top shelf marks across the board. As a concentrate, Pineapple Express only gains momentum as it steams a straight line to happiness and laughter.

The glass-like wax smelled of tropical fruits; papaya, guava, mango and coconut which danced in the air as my rig came to temperature. The citrine shard lingered over the bucket before melting into a plume of tropical vapor that tasted of golden pineapples from a far-off land.

Instantly, I was swept away on a river in the sky that carried me to a place free from stress and anxiety. My problems suddenly felt solvable or unimportant as my creative side completely took over. This strain hit me hard, to the point that I even experienced some visuals, and left me giggling up to eight hours later.

Highlights –

  • True to its name, serious flavors of citrus and pineapple erupt from this delicious golden shatter
  • Excellent for creativity and stress relief
  • Fast hitting happiness that will last all day

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