Pieces: Top Secret

By: Meghan Ridley

Until the day cannabis is celebrated more openly, many people will be medicating under discrete circumstances. As issues of smell and practicality intertwine with proper medication techniques, it can be challenging to get high without anyone noticing. Thankfully, there are a multitude of options when it comes to top-secret cannabis consumption.

Among the line-up of potential pieces that give patients the option of medicating on-the-go or undercover, there are a handful of notable choices for patients in this predicament. Here are a few of the highlights. . .

Holy Bowlie

If you’re a cannabis enthusiast in search of a piece that hides in plain sight, look no further than the Holy Bowlie. This bracelet pipe unlatches to create an undercover and on-the-go masterpiece that is perfect for smokers who find themselves out and about a lot. Many smokers proudly sport this piece as a daily addition to their accessories.

Palm Leaf

This credit-card style ganja gadget is perfect for the back pocket of any cannabis enthusiast. The piece is held together magnetically and features passages that cool the smoke during inhalation. The flatness and ease of use make this a unique and discrete pipe to add to your collection.

Solo Pipe

Everyone knows that in order to smoke, you will need fire. Combining all the necessities of smoking in secrecy into one, we have the Solo Pipe. This cannabis contraption combines a lighting mechanism in the pipe itself, along with a covered bowl that makes spilling any herb an impossibility. Simply slide the metal covering back, load the bowl and push the side button. A flame instantaneously emerges and flashes over the bowl to light the cannabis. And if you didn’t clear your bowl, just slide the covering back over and save it for later. These are solid little pipes that won’t spill ash or resin in your pocket.

Atmos Vape Pen

One of the strongest assets of a vaporizer is the smell reduction. With very little worry associated with hiding the smell of cannabis, vape pens such as the Atmos provide the user with multiple layers of secrecy. And with the uncanny pen-like appearance, tossing one of these bad boys in a cup holder or desk drawer will most likely go unnoticed. These are available for both flowers and concentrates.