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Orange Dynamite Stick Launch Party: Sublime with Rome Celebrates Signature New Strain

Orange Dynamite Stick Launch Party: Sublime with Rome Celebrates Signature New Strain 1

Since their beginning in the mid-90s, Sublime has had a close relationship with marijuana, famously covering Smoke 2 Joints by The Toyes on their 40 oz. to Freedom album. The same remains true in their newest iteration with 29-year-old Rome Ramirez at the helm.

Rome and his Sublime with Rome bandmates just wrapped up a cannabis-themed tour with the Dirty Heads. The tour’s concept began as an Instagram DM between the company and the band before blossoming into a successful partnership.

Coming off their summer tour, Rome and the rest of the band are looking to unwind before going back out this fall, and what better way to relax than with their very own custom strain, Orange Dynamite Stick. Rome was on hand Saturday, October 15, at The Reserve OC in Santa Ana for the launch party of the band’s collaborative strain with popular Southern California breeder, WonderBrett.

The celebration was open to all registered The Reserve OC patients with proof of purchase from the day of the event. Some patients were unaware of the scheduled launch party, but decided to hang around to make good on their convenient timing to catch the live music. However, most seemed intent on seeing Rome play; shortly after three in the afternoon, a legitimate line of fans in all manner of Sublime t-shirts began forming, filling the tiny waiting room and pouring out the door.

The event itself was held in a spacious area behind the dispensary’s showroom that boasts a soaring ceiling, graffitied cement walls and a large open garage door. It felt like the kind of place I’d have visited in Asbury Park, New Jersey for ska/punk shows in my youth, and a fun reminder of Sublime’s grungy roots.

Rome Ramirez and Sublime with Rome Team

30Before playing, Rome signed autographs for fans and posed casually for pictures, while the WonderBrett team answered patient questions nearby about the new strain. Then Rome climbed onto the stage for a short acoustic set that included the classic Sublime tune Badfish. The intimate crowd allowed everyone to hug the stage, giving the event a cozy, familiar atmosphere and letting Rome’s distinct voice shine.

The center of the event was, of course, the newly released Orange Dynamite Stick. A hybrid of Bubblegum and Frisco Cookies, the band’s signature strain is a gorgeous orange-haired lady that’s already wellrespected for being dense, sticky and oh so potent.

Brett, the founder and namesake of WonderBrett, has 20 years of experience breeding knockout strains. Now, with name recognition under their belt, WonderBrett can start focusing on the luxury of high-level branding.

Yet another connoisseur strain developed by the farm, Orange Dynamite Stick comes sealed in glass jars and custom designed boxes, and is sold alongside complementary extracts for a complete experience.

The entire Wonderbrett line is similarly thought out from product to packaging. The company wanted to be the first to market with such a refined brand, and they are setting a high bar for the competition. WonderBrett’s products are currently available in 30 shops, including Santa Ana’s The Reserve OC.

WonderBrett takes their celebrity collaborations seriously. Rather than just grabbing whatever strain they have lying around the farm, Brett crafts custom genetics to fit the artist’s personality. The work with Rome took almost ten months to get Orange Dynamite Stick where Brett wanted it.

“[Brett] doesn’t live too far from me either, so he always comes by with new strains. I helped trim the first crop…trimmed it up at the house,” remarked Rome when I caught up with him after his set.

Rome Ramirez

Rome compared Brett’s incredible attention to detail when breeding the Orange Dynamite Stick strain to his own persistence when working in the studio. “Brett would grow out like eight plants, and we would smoke them all. And he would take the best one and clone it. I’d be like, ‘This smokes and tastes amazing.’ But Brett would say something like, ‘No. The nose isn’t there yet. It can be better,’” Rome said, describing the process of selecting the perfect genetics for their strain. “When I’m in the studio, people are all excited, but I know it’s only at 80 percent. But they think it’s ready to go. It’s the same attention to detail that [Brett] has as well…I knew it was going to be an ace-in-the-hole.”

Eventually, my conversation with Rome wandered around to the upcoming legalization effort in California. “It’s such a huge part of my life, and a lot of people’s lives,” Rome offered. “All that reefer madness bullshit is out the window now…it’s over. It’s our turn now.”


You can find WonderBrett’s collaboration with Sublime with Rome, Orange Dynamite Stick, now in select dispensaries around California.


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