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One Draw Two

One Draw Two 1

The words “local,” “family” and “friends” mean everything at One Draw Two Dispensary, which was named after a Rita Marley song. At this Gateway location, everyone is treated like a longtime friend. Owned by brother and sister Joe and Sandra Kahl, the facility is operated by a husband-and-wife team and staffed by an outstanding, knowledgeable group of friends who act like family.

One Draw Two Storefront
One Draw Two Storefront

“One Draw is about family and community,” Sandra Kahl said. “We grew up in this neighborhood, and believe it’s our moral and ethical obligation to give back what was given to us. Our priority is to support local vendors and artisans; to strengthen our local economy. We can complain about the state of the world, or actively work to change it. We must begin with our own community.”

The cozy dispensary carries high-quality products for patients and recreational consumers. Its suppliers include Sasquatch Farms, which provides high-end flowers and extracts exclusively to One Draw Two. Many other high-end products grace the shelves in this beautifully remodeled store, including Crash Wax, Sacred Herb, Sirius, Med With Love, Truly Pure, LunchBox Alchemy and more. The prices are some of the most affordable in town. One Draw Two often carries flower for as little as $80 an ounce, with the most expensive ounce priced at $220 (plus tax for recreational customers).

In line with its focus on patient and consumer education, the dispensary offers cannabis and cannabis items that are truly medicinal. Sasquatch’s Harley Tsu, a CBD medication available to all customers in flower form, tests at only .57% THC, but boasts 11.61% CBD and is available in extract form for patients. The education that customers receive goes far beyond what is normally offered at a dispensary. Patients with questions about treating their conditions will find a highly trained, informative staff.

The family’s art gallery at the dispensary, One Draw Gallery, carries beautiful glassware and features Oregon glass blowers and other artists exclusively. For those committed to  “support local” and “community first” ideals, this dispensary and art gallery certainly will not disappoint.


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