PINEAPPLE EXPRESS: A Box Office ‘Hit’ For Sure! 1

BASA NOVA: A Melodic Pick Me Up 1


BLUEBERRY SILVERTIP: Blueberry Picking will Never Be The Same 1
CHOCOLOPE: A Delicious and Stimulating Strain, Not a Sesame Street Character 2
DR. WHO: This Strain Makes You Cough For The Right Reasons 1

STAR STRUCK STRAINS: Celebrity Collaborations You Can’t Miss 7

MARIONBERRY KUSH: A Very Berry Hybrid 2

Ganjapreneur Podcast Host Transitions to New Show 3

Black Cherry Funk 1

Versace: The Strain of Luxury 1

Snake Eyes from Herbal Wellness Center 1
Afgooey #1 1

Hawaiian Dutch: Size and Flavor Explosion 1

9 Pound Hammer: A Joint & A Bowl 1

Honey Bananas by Humboldt Green Safe 1

Fruity Pebbles OG: Cruise the Clouds 1

Primus: Uplifting Indica 1

Tiger's Milk: A Hybrid Strain with Exceptionally Relaxing Benefits 1
Dutchberry: Sweet, Cannabinoid-rich Goodness! 1

Pistil Point Zkittles: Fruits from the Farm 1

Shaw #3: This Relaxing Landrace Will Leave You Weak in the Knees 2

Family Matters: Spend Some Quality Time with the Family 1
Fix It Felix by Budco Farms: Stress Quick Fix 1

Dragon OG by Avitas Agriculture 1

Your Best Present...Ever: Apollo Fire Rocks Spark Up the Holiday Season
This Candy is so Dandy: Truly an Impressive Strain 1

Animal Cookies OG: Bring These Cookies to a Campfire 1
Daddy Fat Sacks' Crater Lake: Calming Under Pressure 1
Gorilla Glue #4: Guaranteed to Make the Couch Extra Sticky 1

Lost Tribe by 14er Holistics 3

Review: Grapefruit OG 2

Review: The Game Got A New Strain

Review: Orphan OG 2

Review: Blackberry Kush 2

Review: The Legend Of Old Toby's Mystical Speedball 1

Review: The CBD-Rich Harle-Tsu 2

Review: Omega Dawg 2

Review: Girl Scout Cookies In Platinum 1

Review: Cripple Creek Kush 2

Review: Hollywood OG 1

Review: Palouse Peach 1

Review: Rude Boi #7 By Archive Seed Bank 2

Review: Golden Goat By Deep Roots Harvest 3

Review: Honey Banana 1

Review: OG Buddha Tahoe 1

Review: OG Kush: Connoisseur Grade Stress Relief 1

Review: R4 High CBD 1

Review: Wifi OG Strain 2

Review: Lady Luck 2

Review: Super Lemon Haze 1

Review: Cherry Sherbet By NWCS 2

Review: LSD By Elev8 Seeds 1

Review: Mac Daddy By Wicked Weed 3

Review: Honey 2

Review: Soothe And Speakeasy With Illuminati 1

Review: Sage N Sour 1

Review: Double Mint Girl Scout Cookies 2

Review: Wake Up With Richard Simmons 2

Review: Purple Haze 3

Review: Florida Juicy Fruit 3

Review: Coconut Kush 2

Green Crack 2

Review: Sinmint Cookies 1

Review: Chaos Kush. 2

Durban Poison 2

Review: Purple Mang 1672 4

Review: Lemon Skunk 2

Review: Holland's Hope 2

Review: Amazing Grace By Buddy Boy Farm 3

Review: Moonwalker Kush 6

Review: Headband by Aquarius Cannabis 8

Review: Kingpin Kush 2

Review: Green Light Chemdog 1

Review: Colorado Chem Cola 4

Review: ANS CBD 1:1

Review: Platinum Girl Scout Cookies 2

Review: Lavender

Review: Coogies 1

Review: Glazed Cherries by Klaritie Farms 1

Review: Titan OG By Northern Emeralds 1

Jack Hammer

Review: Night Fire OG 1

Review: Black Diamond

Review: Silver Tip 6

Review: Grape Ape 2

Review: Agent Orange 5

Review: Gucci Strain 2

Review: Tangerine Dream 4

Review: Sky High's AC/DC 1

Love Buds: Strains to Share Together 6

Cascade Connie 1
Bubblegum Kush 1

Review: Key Lime Pie 1

Review: Cali Kush from Leafs By Snoop 2

White Diamond OG

Pink 2.0 1

Cascade Connie 1

Review: Island Sweet Skunk by HiFi Farms 1

Trichome Tuesday: Your Eyes Need These Nugs 5

Blackberry Dream: Elev8 Seeds

Royal Kush Grown By Kush Comfort Farms

Crockett’s Confidential: Grown by Ideal Farms

Master Kush

Syrup OG: The Real Deal

Skywalker OG

Trichome Tuesday: Your Eyes Need These Nugs 3

Trichome Tuesday: Tangie

High Society – North Coast Growers

Moon Rocks Strain

Gelato #41

Veganic Platinum Cookies 4

Veganic Platinum Cookies 3

Veganic Platinum Cookies 2

Veganic Platinum Cookies 1

CannaPi 11

CannaPi 6

CannaPi 5

Armagnac Colorado Strain 1

1841 El Camino 8

Mystery Haze

UW Purple Dawg Star 10

UW Purple Dawg Star 9

Lemon Alien Dawg OR Concentrate 7

SFV Wax - Craft 710 5

Blue Cheese Shatter - Dapper Dabs 10

Blue Cheese Shatter - Dapper Dabs 9


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