OG KUSH #18: Straight from Optimum’s Private Stock 1

BODHI PRIMUS TERP SUGAR BHO: May the Terps be with You! 1
BLUE DREAM #4 x LEMON KUSH WAX: Zesty, Uplifting Berry Ride 1

Beehive Extracts' Golden Pineapple 4

VAPEN’s King Louie XIII OG Clear 2

Grandaddy Purple Wax 1

Live Sugar - Headband x I-95 1

Mendo Mountain Purps Concentrate 1

Juicy Fruit by Skunk Feather 2

Wild Ride by Boom Extrax 1

Alchemy by EVOLAB 1

Blueberry Pomegranate: Flavor Overload with a High to Match 1

White Girl's Green Crack: Sweet and Heady 1

Quail Extracts’ Alien Grenades: Quality That Blows Your Mind 1
Berry Compassion, Berry Balanced, Berry Medicinal: Sacred Honeycomb, Sacred Science 1
Super Lemon Haze Distillate: A Revolutionary Concentrate for the Experienced Stoner 3
Gray Day Pick-Me-Up: NW Kind Live Resin XJ-13 1

Urban Greenhouse's Blue Dream Shatter: You Won't Want to Wake Up 1
Blue Cotton Candy Oil: Like a Kid in a Candy Store 1

Super Lemon Haze: Lemon Sugar from Kush Valley 1
OG Chem: Pre-Workout for the Creative Mind 1

Speakeasy 710 Does it Again: Hits on All Sixes 1
Red Congolese: Wake Up, Stay Up

Review: Underdawg Nug Run Shatter 2

Review: Cotton Candy Kush Concentrates by Dab Society 2

Review: Golden Berry Shatter 2

Review: Shark Shock Shatter 2

Review: THC Ticket 3

Review: Green Crack Applegate Jelly 3

Review: Pineapple Dream Concentrate Tropical Wax 1

Review: Vibe This Tangie Sap 1

Review: Super Lemon Haze Concentrate (Rosin) 1

Review: Magnificently Godlike 1

Review: Harlequin By CO2 Organics And Happy Cat 1

Review: Jack Herer: Unparalleled Rosin Shatter 3

Review: Wedding Cake Live Resin By Lion Tree Farms 1

Review: Aff Goo Wax Concentrate

Review: Pure Vape Wax 1

Review: Vapen Clear Oil

Review: Black Diamond Concentrate 2

Review: Jah Goo Hashish Temple Ball 1

Review: Black Berry Kush Clear 1

Review: Get Calm, Get Motivated, Get Live Resin 1

Review: Lemon G 2

Review: Oleum Extracts Gelato 1

Review: Green Crack By MR Wholesale 1

Review: White Strawberry Full Melt 2

Review: XJ-13 Concentrate 1

Review: Cannalope OG Live Resin 2

Review: Albert Walker 1

Review: Sour Cherry Diesel Dabbing Oil 1

Review: Panda OG High Terpene Extract 2

Unveiling The Future: Cannabinoid Distillates

Review: Blue Dream Sugar 3

Review: JuJu Joint Vaporizer Pen 2

Review: Lava Rocks From Firebrand 2

Review: Orange Cookies Live Nectar 2

Review: Tangie Live Resin 1

Review: One Star BHO 1

Review: Tangie Live Resin 4

Review: Durban Poison Crumble 2

Review: Hawaiian Gold 2

Review: Pineapple 3

Review: Banana Kush Distillate By Spherex 4

Review: Enoch 3C Shatter 3

Review: Dos Vapes Blue Dream 2

Review: Plushberry Shatter

Review: White Slipper 1

Review: AC/DC By Looking Glass Extracts 2

Review: Chiquita Banana 1

Review: Sour Scout Shatter by Pure Tonic 1

Review: First 48 3

Review: 509 Kush 2

Review: Bliss Edibles & Extracts 1

Review: Royal Green Crack 1

Trichome Tuesday: Warm Up With February Concentrates of the Month 6
Interview with Tony Verzura: Blue River Terpenes 1

Liberty Reach CO2 Cartridges

Review: PURE Vapor Pen 1

Review: Sour Diesel Hash 1

Amnesia Haze Rosin 1

Review: Oval Office OG 1

Fire Friday: Rockin’ Rosin 1

Trichome Tuesday: January Concentrates of the Month 3


Jetfuel Shatter Produced by Sweet As! Cannabis

Lemon OG Produced by Puffin Farm

Blue Kush Rosin Produced by Glass House Grown

Sour OG Rosin Produced by Extracted Colorado

Truth Serum

Blue Dream Hash - Peak Supply

Hyde St. Extracts – Strawberry Cough 4

Hyde St. Extracts – Strawberry Cough 3

Hyde St. Extracts – Strawberry Cough 2

Hyde St. Extracts – Strawberry Cough 1

Jetty Extracts

CannaPi 10

CannaPi 9

7 Points 4

Armagnac Colorado Strain 4


UW Purple Dawg Star 2

UW Purple Dawg Star 1

Lemon Alien Dawg OR Concentrate 1

SFV Wax - Craft 710 1

Blue Cheese Shatter - Dapper Dabs 2

Blue Cheese Shatter - Dapper Dabs 1


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