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A Mural for the Masses: Art Connecting the Community

A Mural for the Masses: Art Connecting the Community 1

Art has the ability to inspire—to provoke thought and contemplation. Art is meant to be shared, with each viewer having a different experience when gazing upon artistic creations. We see it everywhere, and yet how often do we truly take the time to experience it? In a world of mass consumerism, immediate gratification and non-stop expectations, sometimes art is exactly what we need to slow down and just be. Art encourages us to not only think about the outside world, but to look inside ourselves.

Cutting Edge Solutions (CES), a prominent fertilizer company based in California, intends to create ties and express gratitude to their community through art. CES is commissioning a mural to be painted outside the walls of one of their buildings. Chris Buletti, the company’s CEO, explained that the purpose of the mural would is to shed light on the significant relationship between agriculture and community. Cutting Edge Solutions aims to show their appreciation through creating a piece of art for all to enjoy within their community. To accomplish this, CES has hired Chor Boogie to paint the mural.

Coming upon their 15-year anniversary, Chris knew that he wanted a unique and original piece of art for their facility. Chris expressed that it has and always will be a priority of CES to support local, like-minded businesses in the Bay Area. Chor, being a local, has work displayed all throughout California. In reaching the 15-year milestone, CES is looking to make a statement on the current state of their industry. As competition has increasingly been sold off to larger corporate entities, Cutting Edge Solutions wants to celebrate their independence, while hoping to also inspire other locally grown companies to remain independent. Chris highlights that it is through their independence that CES is able create a superior quality product. He describes CES as being local in nature and thought, even though their products are widely distributed throughout the country.

Chor Boogie is wellknown for the vibrant, abstract murals he creates. He’s done work for the Smithsonian Museum, the Beijing Olympics and has been commissioned by clients such as Google, Playboy, Jay Z and Prince, amongst many others. Chor uses the unique medium of spray-painting—an art form he’s engaged in since his youth. He has a variety of artists who have inspired and influenced his work—the greats, such as Michelangelo, Da Vince, Rembrandt and Dali. He also draws inspiration from street artists, such as Vulcan and Phase2.

Beyond those that have inspired his art form, Chor is also inspired by the social conditions around him. He views “freedom” as a brand in America and has deep criticisms of the widespread inequalities in our country. He sees the everyday social and economic struggles of families and individuals, the disproportionate imprisonment of minorities and the struggles of indigenous people. As an artist known for his active participation in the community, Chor was exactly what Cutting Edge Solutions was looking for.

Chor refers to his type of art as modern hieroglyphics. Similar to how cavemen and the Egyptians would draw on walls, Chor sees his art as telling a story. While his medium is spray paint, he explains that his art is more than just graffiti. Within one piece he can encompass multiple meanings, yet it’s up to the viewer to understand for themselves what his murals mean to them. Not only is his art meaningful, but he also believes that any art is a window into the artists themselves. Chor’s work is a stunning combination of abstract art and realism, highlighted through the use of vibrant and dynamic colors.

Within his work, Chor uses the abstract to convey meaning. He explains that he uses vibrant colors because he believes that colors can have therapeutic effects. This mural also touches on Chor’s personal beliefs. He believes that plants are some of the most powerful medicines available to humans and that we need to learn to harness, not abuse the remedies provided to us by the Earth.

In describing the mural, Chor reveals that the mural’s theme is balance—having both positives and negatives contributing to the whole. While CES provides nutrients and pest management programs for many cannabis cultivators, the mural is going to consist of a multitude of plants and plant matter. Chor relates the mural to the Earth. He sees the Earth as a young planet within our universe and wants to convey that message within the mural, which will contain five panels. The mural was started on October 5 and was completed on October 26.

One aspect of the mural that will make it truly unique is that elementary school kids from a local charter school will be contributing to it. The children will be working on one of the panels before Chor does, giving the mural more meaning and significance within the community. Once the kids have added their artwork, Chor will work their contributions into the mural. Not only will the mural contain a piece of the kids, but it’s a unique memory and experience that the children will have for the rest of their lives. Like agriculture, the mural will impact generations, whether it’s those who participate in the mural, or those who view it in the future and find their own meaning within.

Overall, CES is looking to impart their gratefulness not only to their community, but to the industry they serve as well. Chris shared that one of the many reasons the mural was commissioned was, “To give back something beautiful and inspiring to the community that has given us so much.” He says that they are also thankful to be a part of an amazing industry and happy to have customers that have truly become family over time. Were it not for the support of the community, Cutting Edge Solutions would not be as successful as they are today.

The mural commissioned by CES represents more than gratitude to the community. It represents the company’s dedication to the future, one that includes all members of the community. Agriculture is a field that will always be necessary within society. Even as technology modernizes, the mural will encapsulate CES’ endeavor to further the influence of agriculture and to encourage engagement. Through his style, Chor Boogie will give life to the goals of Cutting Edge Solutions, conveyed within the mural.


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