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Medical Monday: Become a Master Cannabis Connoisseur with Strain Tracker

Medical Monday: Become a Master Cannabis Connoisseur with Strain Tracker 1

Walking into a dispensary when you don’t know what you want or what you’re doing can be a nightmare. Unlike a pharmacy, dispensaries don’t have products divided out by needs. In fact, most people waste countless hours and money trying to figure out what cannabis strain to buy for their specific condition. And the recommendations of dispensaries and growers can only take you so far.

The truth is that cannabis isn’t like other medication. Each strain reacts differently for each individual. A strain that helps your friend sleep could give you paranoia. That’s where the brand new Strain Tracker journal from Green Flower Media can help. It was just released on December 7, and we were given an inside, sneak peek.

The Strain Tracker journal was designed with cannabis consumers in mind. It’s clearly laid out, simple to use, and contains everything a budding or establish cannabis user could need. Every few pages, there are even quotes from celebrities and thought leaders about using marijuana. There’s even an educational aspect.

How Does Strain Tracker Work?

It works by helping you track your personal experience with cannabis products in four easy steps.

  1. After you purchase your product, and before you consume, simply grab your Strain Tracker journal and fill out a new page with all the information you have. Write in the brand name, strain, where you purchased it, how you’re feeling, what type of product it is, and how much you’re planning to take. (There’s a specific section for each piece of information, and you can fill out as little or as much as you want.)
  2. Then, take your dose and pay attention to how it impacts you. What do you feel? How long does the effect last? Do you like how you feel?
  3. Finally, come back to the page a few hours later to fill in the results. Write down everything about your experience, and even rate whether you’d want to use the product again. The journal provides helpful check boxes, in case you don’t know what to say, as well as a fill-in-the-blank portion if you’re feeling particularly creative.
  4. Then, next time, when you’re ready to consume again, go back to your entries to learn what works best for you. There’s even a page where you can jot down your 100 favorite strains for quick reference.

Strain Tracker makes it easy to discover how each cannabis product works for you and to come up with a plan of use in the future. And unlike a typical journal, Strain Tracker is made for cannabis. There’s no guesswork or confusion when filling out the journal. It even contains helpful tips about the pros and cons of each cannabis delivery method as well as information about terpenes and more.

“I’ll tell you something. I used to smoke marijuana, but only in the late evening. Oh, occasionally the early evening, but usually the late evening – or the mid-evening. Just the early evening, mid-evening, and late evening. Occasionally, early afternoon, early mid-afternoon, and perhaps late mid-afternoon. Oh sometimes early-mid-late early morning… But never at dusk.”

-Steve Martin

Basically, Strain Tracker is the fastest way to discover which cannabis strains, products and delivery methods work best for you. Whether you suffer from chronic pain or nausea, or you’re just looking to boost your creativity, Strain Tracker can help.

To learn more about why Strain Tracker was created, we spoke to Max Simon, the CEO and founder of Green Flower Media.

Strain Tracker in Action

Why did you develop Strain Tracker?

“We developed the Strain Tracker because we were tired of buying cannabis strains and products that we didn’t like. But at the same time, we didn’t actually know what we liked or why the cannabis wasn’t having the desired effects we wanted. The only solution here is to become extremely mindful of how each product and strain impacts you uniquely, and then adjust what and how much you consume moving forward. Hence, the Strain Tracker was born to make this process much easier on people.”

What do you hope users will get out of using Strain Tracker?

“The Strain Tracker is the perfect tool to understand exactly how each strain, cannabis product, dose and terpenes affects you differently. By tracking all these details, it’s so much easier to understand exactly which products and methods truly work best for your individual preferences and conditions. Thus you only purchase cannabis products and consume doses that truly help you get the most value from the plant, and avoid taking the wrong products and strains for certain situations.”

Still not convinced if Strain Tracker is right for you? Check out this video.

Now, if you’re interested, you should know that it was a limited release. There are only 1,500 copies available in this first go. So, if you’re thinking of holiday presents early, you don’t want to wait. It could be gone fast.


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