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Lunchbox Alchemy Macaroons: Good Friends Make Great Macaroons

Lunchbox Alchemy Macaroons: Good Friends Make Great Macaroons 1

Lunchbox Alchemy Macaroons

Test results: (THC 24.9mg per serving | CBD 0.46mg per serving) | Tested by: Juniper Analytics

Indica/Sativa: (Indica 100% | Sativa 0%)

The founders of Lunchbox Alchemy loved macaroons so much, they had their longtime friend, Chef Jamie Payne, cook up this new indica edible, perfect for an evening of getting baked. These sumptuous, cake-like cookie concoctions are unlike any macaroon I’ve experienced. The surprisingly moist, fresh tasting coconut in the cookie was a pleasure to munch on and made me want to eat them all at once! Only one was needed however, to attain an intense and complete buzz. Coming four cookies to a pack and packing 25mg of THC per cookie, this yummy dessert is sure to satisfy, while you get high!


Indica cookies produce an all over, heady high.

Decadent flavor will surely satisfy any sweet tooth.

Gear-like packaging just makes you feel outdoorsy cool.

Macaroons from Lunchbox Alchemy


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