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Lost Tribe by 14er Holistics

By: Mia Jane

Lost Tribe by 14er Holistics 3

Lost Tribe

Test results: THC: 34.1% | CBD: 0.17%

Provided by: 14er Holistics

The bulbous buds of this Lost Tribe were trichome-laden and sticky to the touch. Breaking apart these frosty nugs produces a heavy kush aroma that is woody, a little earthy and ends on a sweet note in both flavor and smell. The thick smoke produced a sharp flavor of pine with a hint of clove sweetness at the end. It felt euphoric in the head, but not forgetful, and the calming effect was substantial. This indica-cross of Kosher Kush and The Truth relieved my body tension, and I felt an immediate ease in my chest. After about an hour, I was anxiety-free, relaxed and ready to crash. This strain is great for stress, but won’t leave you very active as its mellowing effects set in.


Release of body tension and feeling of elation.

Additional mental euphoria providing relief from stress and anxiety

  • Lost Tribe
    Lost Tribe

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