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Live Sugar – Headband x I-95

By: Melissa Joy

Live Sugar - Headband x I-95 1

Headband x I-95 Live Sugar

A Pine Tree Forest in Live Resin Form

The visual unveiling and aroma of this live sugar was an experience that I won’t soon forget. The smell in particular will forever be imprinted in my memory. Stemming from the family tree of both Headband and Legend OG, this sexy sugary goodness packs that classic piney, gassy, diesel-y scent that punches you in the face.

Not only does it leave a nice earthy and citrusy aftertaste, it’s really some of the most aesthetically pleasing stuff you can get your hands on. This exquisitely pungent creation is a collaboration between A Cut Above Dispensary and Absolute Terps, master-level extract connoisseurs.

Headband x I-95 Live Sugar

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