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THE LEGION OF BLOOM: How Five Friends Grew into a Legion

By: Jeffrey Stamberger

THE LEGION OF BLOOM: How Five Friends Grew into a Legion 1

The Legion of Bloom began with five friends from Florida. Their shared love of growing has blossomed into one of the most exciting companies cultivating cannabis today. The friends have 15 years of experience growing together, first perfecting their skills on the East Coast before moving to Northern California. The growers formally created the Legion of Bloom a year ago, and it now spans nearly twenty farms across Northern California.

Regarding their next steps, Russell Weisman, General Director of the Legion of Bloom, remarked, “We are creating a state-of-the-art, campus-style cultivation and manufacturing facility that will support our growing Legion family, without compromising our mission.” This mission is to deliver top-quality cannabis products, while respecting local communities and ecological systems.

The Legion of Bloom is much more than a cooperative of growers—they also recognize their responsibility to give back. The group is dedicated to philanthropy in their local communities, working closely with charity organizations like the Weed for Warriors Project.

Keeping their farms safe and environmentally conscious is similarly important to the Legion of Bloom. That means using no harsh chemical herbicides or pesticides, minimizing environmental impact and conserving resources such as California’s ever scarce water supply. To accomplish this mission, the Legion of Bloom holds its growers to the strict cultivation standards set forth by the Cannabis Conservancy.

The Legion of Bloom grows a powerhouse list of core strains, including their Florida Juicy Fruit, a citrus-flavored gem. A source of pride for the Legion of Bloom, the original plant was grown from an especially hazy Juicy Fruit bag seed back in 1998. After the group’s move to California, the plant was kept alive in windowsills and under grow lights around the region until it could be properly grown as the knockout strain they now produce.

The Legion of Bloom also performs their own in-house extraction and terpene reintroduction. Using supercritical CO2, they add cannabis-derived terpenes back into their oil for an all-natural, strain-specific experience every time. Since all of their products are created in-house, they provide a consistent, strain-specific experience in their flower, extracts and vape oils—from across their stable of genetics.

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