Kush Creams & Vita Verde

By: Meghan Ridley | Photos: Allie Beckett

The MMJ movement has revolutionized the manner by which cannabis is consumed. Beyond the umbrella of simply getting high exists a broad range of methodologies that aim at truly treating the needs of the medical marijuana community. Through this dedication to proper and adequate treatment, the topicals market has emerged. And at the forefront of the topicals charge we find Kush Creams and Vita Verde, rich with cannabinoids and holistic healing.

Kush Creams

What strain do you crave when it comes to topicals? Kush Creams most likely has it. From Permafrost to Super Lemon Haze, one of Kush Creams greatest selling points is their uncanny variety. Simply opening up a jar of the Sour Diesel medicated lotion takes any serious smoker aback with the authentically sour tinge the smell carries. These topicals work well to help treat a host of ailments, including MRSA, arthritis, pinched nerves, eczema and beyond. Kush Creams is most definitely ‘cream of the crop.’


Vita Verde

Vita Verde brings a smaller, but quite impressive line of topicals to choose from. Their most celebrated product would most likely be their cayenne muscle and joint balm. With a soothing texture for massage and a scent fresh enough to clear your sinuses, these products proudly promote wellness for medical marijuana patients. Vita Verde also features bath salts that are a relaxing and therapeutic way to combat pain.