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By: Alex Snyder

Igadi 1

Located in the sleepy ski town of Winter Park, IgadI is a high-end dispensary, an all-in-one cannabis production facility and distillery, a wholesale distributor, and a 21-and-over shop.

Spearheaded by entrepreneur Kemsley Wilton, IgadI was founded on vertical integration, transparency, education, and compliance. IgadI is the template for what regulated cannabis production could look like nationally.

A guided tour through IgadI lends insight into the process of designing a streamlined marvel of cannabusiness. Kemsley is a jack-of-all-trades, initially inspired by a large-scale grow operation in San Francisco. After that formative experience, he began to imagine how to transform what he saw in California into a legal enterprise in Colorado.

One of flower rooms at IgadI
One of flower room observation areas at IgadI

The fruits of his labors are astounding. Igadi boasts the largest observable flower room in the world, an award-winning HVAC system that recycles all of its air and water, and comprehensive lighting that operates on a winch system, stimulating plant growth. They can manufacture several hundred pounds of flowers a month, in addition to concentrates and distilled products that are “worth more than their weight in gold,” according to chemist and mechanical engineer, Graham Holladay. With 11 acres available, output is expected to skyrocket in the coming years.

Compliance is the most important aspect in operating a facility of this size, which is why Kemsley hired a lawyer before hiring any botanists or geneticists. IgadI operates at the highest level of governmental and jurisdictional compliance and regulation, with the ultimate goal to “relieve stigma through education,” said Kemsley.

Aside from compliance, IgadI’s strength comes from its strict adherence to cleanliness, state-of-the-art technology, and an all-star team of employees, including brothers Steven and David Michel, who provide general counsel and legal advice, respectively. With a dynamic team setup ranging from attorneys and academics to mechanical engineers and geneticists, IgadI has a well-rounded scientific and artistic atmosphere. Having a cohesive work environment is just one of the many ways IgadI proves itself as the industry standard and model for its competition.

IgadI may grow to be one of the largest gardens in the national cannabis industry. Prospective shops and cannabis museums are scheduled for release in Nevada and Texas and employee growth is projected to be between 500 and 700 employees in the next five years.

Check out IgadI’s factory and store in Winter Park, and see the future of cannabis firsthand.


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