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Green Planet

Green Planet

Seeking a convenient location in Beaverton to find an enormous variety of excellent cannabis? Green Planet is the place to go. Be prepared for an alien land of surprise, fun, and variety once you enter their doors.

The outer atmosphere of the Planet is a head shop/vape shop/glass art/E-smoke emporium. Justin West, his wife Miranda, and their team will welcome guests and patients with a smile. Their prime location means customers will frequently have to take a number, but that will only provide more time to appreciate the vast array of pieces. Row after row of exquisite glass pieces of all shapes and sizes line the left side, while every item for e-smoking and vaping can found to the right. The great width of the shop provides impressive display space.

After a brief wait, one of two doors will open to allow entry to the Green Planet’s surface. The OMMP Door on the left leads to one of the most extensive selections of flower, edibles, and concentrates available in the greater metro area. Justin and the team have a strong heart for the medical community and Wes says, “We always give first choice on the best products to our patients.”

The Recreational Door on the right leads to a jungle of abundance in strains and clones. The sheer quantity and choice quality of their flowers are difficult to find elsewhere. Green Planet sports 50 different strains for all customers to purchase. That’s right – 50. Of course, that will fluctuate due to which strains are in stock, but know that their claim to variety is solid.

Also, keep an eye out for the cutest inhabitants of Green Planet: the ceramic Rasta Gnomes. These adorable guys will shine positivity as customers choose how much Dog Walker, Animal Cookies and award-winning Bubba’s Gift to take home. Happy space travels!


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