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Green Light

Green Light

Located on Trent Street in Spokane Valley is an inconspicuous building that contains one of Eastern Washington’s premier cannabis shops. Green Light’s owner Sonny Langdon and the store’s general manager Brandon Mulvey felt the name was appropriate considering they were now given the proverbial “green light” to legally sell and smoke cannabis and join in on the entrepreneurial bandwagon for the first time in state history. It only made sense that the shop would be named Green Light.

Sonny comes from a fast-paced background in the luxury vehicle industry. He spent ten years working for BMW, and the values of that industry carried over into his passion for cannabis. Similar to how BMW provides its customers with the “ultimate driving experience,” Sonny wanted to provide cannabis consumers with the “ultimate product and customer service experience.”

Although the undeniable taboos and clichés associated with the cannabis industry are hard to escape, stereotypes will be broken and taboos will become social norms as the evolution of this industry takes place. Sonny wants to be a part of that evolution by creating an acceptance and professionalism in the industry. A high-end and professional experience is certainly what you will be guaranteed when you visit Spokane’s Green Light.

Green Light carries some of the best-quality products out there. With a vast selection of high-CBD strains, flower, oils, and edibles, it is hard to leave empty-handed. If you are a regular customer, you also reap some hard-to-beat perks. If you visit the store ten times, you will automatically receive a discount on your next purchase. Customer appreciation Fridays also offer endless rewards and, to really up the ante, all veterans get a discount.

When I ask Sonny how he describes the ambiance of his store, without hesitation, he promptly says, “It’s like showing up at your best friend’s house to try the best weed there is, an adult candy store.”

With a clean, professional store, knowledgeable staff, and a comfortable atmosphere, Green Light will certainly be a part of Spokane Valley’s evolution into the cannabis age.


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