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Review: Green Leaf Recreational

Review: Green Leaf Recreational 1
Green Leaf Storefront
The Place

Green Leaf Recreational was one of the first legal cannabis shops to open in Washington state. Officially opening their doors in August 2014, they are now nearing two years of retailing legal cannabis to the masses of enthusiasts in the Evergreen State. With wide-open space, there is sufficient room to wander and peruse their many display cases of cannabis products. They also have an impressive array of paraphernalia available for purchase, including custom glass pieces from local artists and more scientific glass from brands like Delta 9. If bongs aren’t enough, they also have pipes galore, all the major vaporizer brands on the market, and dab rigs for the cannabis concentrate consumer.

Some of the Products
The Plants

Whether a novice or connoisseur, Green Leaf Recreational has all possible cannabis needs covered. Their price points also present the customer with a wide range of options, from $9 rotating grams to top-shelf $19 grams that will, at a minimum, pique customers’ curiosity. Chemdawg from Sonic Green is one of those strains, as is Golden Pineapple from Phat Panda—both well worth the investment in a top-notch flower.

The assortment of vaping cartridges here gives customers a plethora of choices, with the same strains offered by different producers so visitors can definitely begin to develop some brand loyalty to their favorites. Standout extracts found at Green Leaf Recreational included the Blue Dream Rosin by Evergreen Herbal and the Lemonander x Sour OG from Seattle Private Reserve. The minimal amount of hash available in the recreational cannabis market is no longer a problem, as it is easy to find LSD Hash from Rock Garden along with Lebanese Gold and Lebanese Red from Sitka.

Inside Green Leaf
Inside Green Leaf

Sunday–Wednesday: 9am–10pm // Thursday–Saturday: 9am–10:30pm



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