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Green Door Metro

Green Door Metro

Opening on December 1, 2015, Green Door Metro is the newest licensed dispensary in the Sacramento area, and as the first franchised dispensary to arrive, they offer a glimpse into the future of medical cannabis in California. Located southeast of downtown Sacramento near Florin, the spacious Green Door Metro is their newest outpost dedicated to maintaining all the selection, quality, consistency, and excellent service that customers expect from their San Francisco location.

The menu carries over 35 strains and displays live both in the store and on their website. Prices range from $24 to $50 donation per eighth ounce. Bombay Premium Platinum Cookies, Bacio Gelato, Bombay, and Candy Jack are just a few of Green Door’s popular strains. I decided to pick up some sweet-smelling Bubble Gum Bazooka Joe Cookies, and at $50, I had no regrets.

Well over 50 brands of edibles are offered with the vast array including just about everything from baked goods to chocolates and candies, to honey. Half-Caked Gourmet Edibles and Gummi Cares tempt visitors, along with local favorites like High-Fi and Heavenly Sweet. I’d never had a medicated Boston Cream Pie Cupcake before, so I had to give that a try. Green Door Metro also carries over 40 types of oils, hashes, shatters, waxes and other extracts with prices ranging from $25 to $60 per gram. A full clone nursery is also onsite.

Sacramento’s newest dispensary has big plans for reaching out to the community. They plan to copy the San Francisco gun buyback program that Green Door SF sponsored in the past. Actively supporting organizations like the Drug Policy Alliance, the National Cannabis Industry Association, and NORML, they also currently offer a Veterans Compassion Program to help wounded vets get the medicine they need; all great examples of reasons to support Green Door.


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