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Gorilla Glue #4
Guaranteed to Make the Couch Extra Sticky
By: Aaron Miller Photo: Tina Ballew

Gorilla Glue #4: Guaranteed to Make the Couch Extra Sticky 1

Gorilla Glue #4

Test results: THC: 33%

Provided by: Topp Nuggs

A potent mixture of Chem’s Sister, Sour Dubb and Chocolate Diesel, Gorilla Glue #4 immediately grabs the senses. Its tight emerald leaves droop heavily with trichomes, while the sticky nugs exude a lemon skunk odor that stretches across the room. Despite that stunning introduction, this strain’s flavor is fairly lacking, but the exhale has a pleasing soft-pine taste. In one bowl, I went from zero to stoned and the strong, sedating extremity high combined with the super heavy haze that ensued made it difficult to walk. Any anxiety or mental stress vanishes but GG #4 doesn’t help elevate the mood.

  • Heavy-hitting, a one bowl lift

  • Mental stress relief, but without a sense of euphoria

  • Heavily sedating to the extremities—couch lock

Gorilla Glue #4
Gorilla Glue #4

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