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GSC: The Yeti Dabs

By: Melissa Joy

THCa: 72.79% | CBDa: 4.39% | Agricor Laboratories

As someone with lots of trimming experience, I have quite the love/hate relationship with Girl Scout Cookies. We used to call it “the destroyer of scissors,” because the buds were always so dense and sticky. That being said, I’ve always been a fan of Girl Scout Cookies for all classic reasons.

Thanks to Yeti Farms I’ve been enjoying this GSC wax, which is as tasty and effective as it is visually appealing. The bright neon color is out of this world, and after merely opening the container, its aroma could be easily detected from across the room. One thing I love about Yeti Farms is that their cannabis is grown outdoors in owner Shawn Honaker’s proprietary soil, using only the power of the sun.


  • Ideal for sharing with friends
  • Intense appetite stimulation
  • Heightened sense of creativity
  • Mitigates pain and stress

Available At:

Standing Akimbo

3801 Jason St

Denver, CO 80211

Quality Choice Alternative Care Center 

2398 E Boulder St

Colorado Springs, CO 80909
Leaf On The Mesa
1917 Santa Fe Dr

Pueblo, CO 81006


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