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Foria Relief: You Put Weed in Your WHAT?

Foria Relief: You Put Weed in Your WHAT?

It was an exceptionally rainy day in Seattle and the highlight of the afternoon at the DOPE Magazine offices was definitely the arrival of a glorious package of sample goods from Foria. Should the brand not ring a bell, it is the cannabis company responsible for the delicate task of getting your vagina high.

I assumed it was their spray product, designed to enhance arousal. However, it was the latest from their product line: Foria Relief, a vaginal suppository designed to relieve the unfortunate experiences associated with having a period.

Our content manager smiled and handed me the heaven-sent package of vaginal highness, knowing my current state and sensing the opportunity for an authentic review. But I must say, holding a sleek container of cannabis infused suppositories with the claim of relieving painful period symptoms seemed to good to be true. Some sort of tall and twisted fairy tale had certainly been crafted to reel in unsuspecting cannabis enthusiasts at some of their most vulnerable moments.

I’m happy to report that my aforementioned assumptions were entirely off-base. It took no time at all to register a noticeable sensation once inserting the curious little capsule. Word to the wise, these guys are slippery and are prone to slipping out of users hands and flying across the bathroom floor. Thankfully each package comes with four suppositories, so a mishap isn’t a total disaster.

But back to the state of affairs. Within a few short minutes, I found myself lying in a state of borderline bliss on the bathroom floor. Never have I been so content to relax on the bathroom rugs—staring into the ceiling trying to register just how and why this whole getting your vagina concept actually came to be. With this newfound level of intimacy between myself and Mary Jane now established, all I could do was be thankful for the abdominal pain that was fading into the background and my lower back muscles loosening up—saying see ya later to the previous two days’ discomfort.

It is important to note that this product does not come with a psychoactive high. However, I couldn’t help but feel my mood altered in positive ways. Suddenly discovering that I could get my vagina high during my period, and experience relief from the throes of that nonsense, will have that effect on a girl.

Feeling adventurous? Rumor has it these little guys feel sensational when inserted rectally. We can’t weigh in on the topic, but from a logical standpoint there is significant reason to believe the word on the street is true.

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