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Flying High with Plane Jane’s

Flying High with Plane Jane’s

The boutique-style dispensary, Plane Jane’s in Portland, is aptly named for its location near the PDX Airport. Open for over a year, there is ample parking at the red home with cute yellow trim that has been converted into a dispensary. The colorful yard is graced with flower pots and cheerful yard decorations; a large, hot pink and green sign helps visitors taxi to the runway.

The owner, Patricia Wiegele, is an outgoing businesswoman with a friendly and compassionate team that is eager to help. The excitement is palpable. Wiegele says, “I see how much of an impact our industry is making, much like air planes and automobiles had during their time of emergence.”

Marketing largely to women, this facility works hard on building a plentiful selection for its clients, making sure to have several selections of edibles, topicals, tinctures and concentrates available. There’s also a large selection of high-quality cannabis flower – all delivered in adorable, bright pink bottles. Clones, and even seeds, are available for purchase for anyone over age 21. In addition, Med Monster, the Dope Cup winner for edibles, is proudly on display and available for patients seeking relief.

Their flower selection is a clever play on aeronautical terms, with the top shelf billed as “1st Class,” a middle shelf “Business Class,” and an affordable “Frequent Flyer.” Plane Jane’s flower providers vary, but the dispensary also has its own house grower, Foothill Farms, and they produce a gorgeous Snoops Dream and Stephen Hawking Kush. Their close proximity to the airport means one could literally jump off a first class flight and find a different kind of first class flight in minutes.

Patricia and her team are striving to provide a unique experience in order to remain a landmark that is forever attached to Portland, and it appears they are well on their way to a pleasant flight.


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