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Family Matters: Spend Some Quality Time with the Family

Family Matters: Spend Some Quality Time with the Family 1

Family OG

Tested by: SC Labs

Testresults: THC: 21.8%

I was recently given the opportunity to review and visit CannaFamily Farms. Enamored with the care and passion they put into each plant, I was especially intrigued with their signature OG, “The Family.” They have been growing this strain for over 15 years and it’s evident in the final product! Its incredible aroma smells of the sweetest lemons and diesel. The taste is as good as the smell, leaving an OG flavor in my mouth that brings me back to the days of my youth. If you’re looking for a true old school OG, look no further. The effects… it’s like getting a big hug from your Aunt Ida. The strain has your best interest in mind; it’s always there for you no matter what, just like a reliable family member.


Relaxing, all day relief.

Improved Mental Clarity

Family OG from CannaFamily Farms


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