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F7 CRUMBLE: Buckle Up and Prepare for Liftoff

By: Jesse Perry

F7 CRUMBLE: Buckle Up and Prepare for Liftoff 2

74.99% THC | 3.1% CBD | C4 Laboratories

A cross between the ever-popular Memory Loss and the award-winning GSC, F7 is a hybrid honeycomb crumble that is quickly making a name for itself. Visually unique, the crumble is dense with a raw honey hue, resembling a piece of fine cheese. The aroma is a charismatic tango of notes that range from peppery citrus to sweet earth. Firm to the touch, my dab tool cut through the crumble like fudge, slicing off the perfect portion. My rig hits 710 and I drop it in. The sweet, creamy smoke tastes like buttery shortbread and hits me fast, sending me into the clouds. Moments later, when I’m able to open my eyes, I feel my body tingling with tranquility as the dazing effect settles in my mind with a euphoric, cerebral sensation. This is a great strain to alter your perception, while still feeling completely relaxed. One thing’s for sure—a little goes a long way.

Available at:

The Greenhouse

8160 W Union Hills Dr

Glendale, AZ 85308

Oasis Dispensaries

26427 S Arizona Ave

Chandler, AZ 85248

Encanto Green Cross

2620 W Encanto Blvd

Phoenix, AZ 85009


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